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An oddity of the

An oddity of the coverage of the current sex scandals in the Catholic Church is the persistent use of the term “pedophilia” for homosexual predation that involves adolescents and young men rather than children.

Another is the mantra that homosexuals are no more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexuals. If that’s so why is there no North American Man-Girl Love Association? There’s a footnoted study by NARTH that covers what I think are the basic points:

Gay advocates correctly state that most child molesters are heterosexual males. But this is a misleading statement. In proportion to their numbers (about 1 out of 36 men), homosexual males are more likely to engage in sex with minors: in fact, they appear to be three times more likely than straight men to engage in adult-child sexual relations (footnote). And this does not take into account the cases of homosexual child abuse which are unreported. NARTH’s Executive Director Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, for example, says that about one-third of his 400 adult homosexual clients said they had experienced some form of homosexual abuse before the age of consent, but only two of those cases had been reported.

While no more than 2% of male adults are homosexual, some studies indicate that approximately 35% of pedophiles are homosexual (footnote). Further, since homosexual pedophiles victimize far more children than do heterosexual pedophiles (footnote), it is estimated that approximately 80% of pedophilic victims are boys who have been molested by adult males (footnote).

So it appears once again that media sympathies, pressure groups and political correctness are uniting to keep the obvious off the public stage.


Off to the races!

Off to the races!

A problem with being a right-winger is that we’re constantly being drenched in what we reject. The media and experts are always with us, and on the whole they’re on the left. They like centralized rational solutions—the media want to tell a story that applies to everything and has a punchline, and experts like arrangements that make expertise important. It’s hard to see what will change that.

So we right-wingers are always having to edit, supplement and reformat the things we’re presented with. That of course is healthy mental exercise, but one man can’t do it all. So whatever any of us can do, it seems to me he should share.

Hence this weblog. Every day I’ll be adding comments on passing events, links worth pursuing, grand speculations—whatever seems interesting. The exposure should at least keep me on my toes, and if anyone finds something of interest that will be all to the good.



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