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Beauty, saving the world, and similar topics

I have a short piece up at Solidarity Hall, a site that seems fairly new. It’s a comment on a much longer piece by Mark Signorelli, his review of the book Beauty Will Save the World by Gregory Wolfe.



Very sensible comments on your part.

On the Wolfe/Signorelli continuum I tend to side more with Signorelli. I lot of modern and post-modern art reflect a autistic/rationalist/scientistic philosophy that is inimicable to art. It simply can’t be put to Christian uses, at least not without seriously trivializing the faith. On the other hand, Signorelli is an extremist who completely dismisses all modern art, which isn’t right either. Wallace Stevens, Hart Crane, Anne Carson, Derek Walcott, Geoffrey Hill, and Seamus Heaney (who he won’t admit have any merit) all may have their problematic aspects, but they’re all worthy artists. In fact, Walcott, who I know somewhat personally, is a rather ferocious advocate for formalism with his students, and his late work exhibits all the clarity and beauty which Signorelli aspires to, but which, in his hands, becomes rather dead. As you have said, life goes on, and people are people. There is almost always something of value in every culture, and we need to be aware of those things and encourage them.