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Tardy reflections on the election

My current column is online at Catholic World Report. Instead of talking about the stupid party and the evil party I talk about the party that believes in nothing and the party that believes in Nothing, but it comes to the same thing.



So, the bad news is a rather long list of bad news, but the good news is that the bad news presents a great opportunity for the Catholic Church to lead.

However, the second bit of bad news is that the Catholic Church in America, as it actually exists and not as it should be in theory, is on the wrong side of the battle on everything except abortion, euthanasia, etc., so we cannot possibly expect it to do anything constructive on most of the issues of the day.

I say it’s an opportunity for Catholics, not the post-sixties Catholic bureaucracy, and an advantage of determinable doctrine is that you don’t have to go by statements put out by the latter.

Rem tene, verba sequentur.