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Why the self-congratulation?

The election of a black man as president is supposed to be a wonderful thing. Doesn’t that depend on how it came about? If it shows the growth of human respect and a widening scheme of cooperation then it’s a good thing. If it shows that a social order that took particular histories and connections into account has been replaced by one based on TV, pop culture and celebrity on the one hand and formally certified expertise on the other, then it’s certainly a sign of Change but not necessarily one of improvement.




As for why the self-congratulation, part of it springs directly from the audience-flattering Obama campaign slogan, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” It appeals to the vanity of the young, in particular. The public education system of today overemphasizes self-esteem, leading to vanity and an inflated sense of self-worth amongst the young; the pop culture teaches hero-worship; the cult of Obama marries the two tendencies.

I’m looking forward to the schadenfreude I’ll be experiencing, when those who’ve been Obasming over their Obamessiah, come back down to Earth, and realize he’s just a man, not the answer to all their hopes, aspirations, and dreams, not the one with magic abilities to fix everything. Their disillusionment will be tasty. ;)

The self-congatulation is the main stream media patting itself on the back for a succesful propaganda campaign on Obama’s behalf. The pain that the body politic is and will be experiencing due to the collapse of the economy is very real and is irrespective of who is occupying the White House. Obama won the election due to his steadier demeanor and his disciplined and well crafted campaign in the face of the disastrous administration of the country by the Republicans. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind *really* believes his empty rhetoric will have any relevance whatsoever when it comes to dealing with the nation’s problems. Certainly not Rahm Emanuel!

It does depend on how the election was won. If it was won based on tyrannical ideas such as spreading the wealth, surrendering to armed enemies, murder for convenience, social preferences, and community service, then it is a horror. I just hope we are willing to sacrifice to defeat the policies that flow from these ideas.