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What is to be done II

What to do? There’s plenty for right-wingers to complain about but solutions are notoriously scarce. A couple of days ago I put up a piece with some suggestions. Here are some others that friends have put forward:

  • Live well yourself. Traditionalist conservatives claim they know about a way of life that’s better than what liberalism has to offer. So live it and the world will follow you. Reject the lie and the truth will triumph. Direct action lives!
  • Still, in politics it’s hard to act simply as an individual. One thing needed is an intellectual culture decisively separate from the one defined by liberalism and at odds with it. The triumph of liberalism means minority views such as traditionalist conservatism must become more self-conscious and comprehensively analytical. A problem with conservatism has been narrowness of focus—each has a particular issue, but how the issues relate to each other, the world and ultimate principles is not always kept in mind. The consequence has been piecemeal defeat. View from the Right tries to contribute to the development of a traditionalist counterculture by publishing general theoretical discussions, applying generalities to current events, and creating opportunities for discussion. Much more needs to be done, and any number can take part. Why, for example, shouldn’t there be print magazines that do the same thing?
  • Question the questioners. Liberalism puts traditional ways in question. It then declares that since they can be questioned they shouldn’t be forced on anyone and other ways should be protected and equally respected. Why shouldn’t liberalism be subjected to the same scrutiny as everything else? One could imagine for example an academic “Institute for the Study of Liberal Society” that doesn’t present proposals for how liberal society can become more consistently liberal but instead studies it in the manner of Paul Gottfried’s After Liberalism.