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More on Hell and handbaskets

For those who liked my gloom-and-doom entry last month, here’s something even gloomier and doomier from the late John Attarian: Requiem for the Right.



In your “gloom-and-doom” entry you mentioned India as one possible version of our future. I travel to India pretty often and have to agree. At least in Mumbai and Bangalore I’ve noticed that there are ultra-rich gated communities surrounded by miles and miles of slums, and a mad scramble on the part of the “middle class” to get into these nicer areas and away from the slums. Government jobs are staffed based on a massive affirmative action program called the “reservation system”. Corruption is rampant. You either work in a high end private sector job, a government job, or you are dirt poor.

The analogy I’ve heard most often is not India, but Brazil. But, the basic structure is the same.

In 30 years, wealthy retirees won’t be shopping for a retirement location with the best golf courses and exercise programs; instead, they’ll be looking for those with the best security services.

A notable excerpt from the piece: “The continuity of a people’s biological identity is one of the most fundamental continuities there is. If this rock-bottom continuity does not interest them, what continuity possibly could?” I’m adding this to my list of great quotes.

His silver lining: if peak oil is imminent, that should put a halt to globalization.