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Immigration and Action

Dear Fellow Readers,

Mr. Kalb has wisely linked a significant media outlet that should be used to tell your ideas: CNN. See the Stein Report link to “Your Chance to Tell CNN.” Here is a submitted telling that might be inspiring.

“Immigration policy is part of national security policy. People and their culture define a nation. Too many immigrants unwilling to serve the culture are invaders, no more no less.

Lou Dobbs is a jewel in the hat of CNN because of his perseverance in exposing the radical nondiscrimination dogma of liberalism; essential to liberalism, among other things, is the ideal of nondiscrimination. Nondiscrimination is not merely part of a civilization according to liberals. It is that without which the civilization should not exist.

Imagine being unable to prefer one’s parents to the obsequious Michael Moore. Moore is a fanatical propagandist devoted to liberalism. Realize he ambushes targets of choice in the guise of a teddy-bear sweet student. He then edits, that is, deletes what he wants to. Imagine Moore in charge of military reconnaissance.”

We owe a debt to Mr. Kalb for providing this Website.