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Politics as Usual-Bush Style

Dear Mr. Kalb,

There was a recent disclosure of the loss of an infamous laptop containing too much information about veterans. The Top Boss did a backflip and issued political edicts such as “do not take work home,” all to protect veterans … if one can even grasp such an idea.

Background: this moron had previously required every one of our dear veterans’ facilities to replace, in one day, his predecessor’s photograph with his photograph. Like anyone cared about his visage.

Although the laptop was found, the delight was unappreciated by Fearless Leader. Instead, he canned the Agency’s excellent top attorney for giving (prior to FL’s appointment) legal opinions that the information technology system could not be centralized under existing law. Like, what possible personal interest could a lawyer have had in a bureauratic event?

This is the same Bush that made an out-of-term appointment of a pretty 35-year-old White House lawyer to head up an important immigration-related position in the so-called Department of Homeland Security.

Feel secure everyone?