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The Search for a Moderate Muslim

Dear Mr. Kalb,

Moderate Islam means Islam is unable to threaten Western Civilization: Israel, Europe, Australia, and America. Assuming this is true, how does one solve the problem caused by immoderate behavior by some Muslim people? Kill or eject immoderate Muslims wherever they hide regardless of collateral damage after careful evaluation.

Muslims are people, and many if not most people do not want to die because of their behavior. One can therefore conclude most Muslims do not want to behave in such a way that they will die. An exhibition by the West probably will induce moderation, we hope, so that we do not kill nice people.

Whatever Hobbes’ weaknesses in the spheres of science or so-called political science, he expressed an idea, the solution, that has never been refuted insofar as it is a profound generalization, to the best of my extremely limited knowledge: “When threatened with death, man in his natural state cannot help but defend himself in any way possible.” Certainly this conclusion is based on inductive reasoning.

Some modern bases include The United States of America, which within a period of a few months, killed hundreds of thousand human beings respectively one night in Dresdan, Germany, one night in Tokyo, Japan, one day in Hiroshima, Japan, and one day in Nagasaki, Japan. Choir boys we Westerners are not, thankfully.

Immoderate Muslims hide within Muslim nations that deny they want to murder non-Muslims. Pakistan is one example. Many Pakistanis want to annhilate India, an infidel nation. Only a self-important dictator, Pervez Musharraf, is brutally restraining the immoderate Muslims within Pakistan. Indonesia is another example of violence against infidels. Saudi Arabia was the sina qua non of violence on 9/11? The list is too long and boring; the point has been made, hopefully.

(This was inspired by the always-brilliant Lawrence Auster’s 1995 article at FrontPage, The Search for a Moderate Liberalism.)

Thank you Mr. Kalb.



I meant 2005, not 1995. The years just run together once one is advanced in age.