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Tweedledum replaces Tweedledee in Canada

The Conservatives(-In-Name-Only) have replaced the Liberals in Canada.

You can be sure gay marriage will not be overturned; Canada will still remain one of the only countries in the world with no law regarding abortion whatsoever, and so the status quo continues, with perhaps some smaller degree of corruption, but nothing for us traditionalist conservatives who care about the Faith, and the West.

“Liberal, Tory; same old story.” as the quote goes.


Some thoughts from the Ambler, here and here.

Will, I liked this tidbit in the Ambler links you posted:

Frankly, I don’t give a toss about Ontario, but it’s a bit thick to blame Ontarians (or Canadians anywhere else) for lacking the ‘will to live’ when their physicians instruct them repeatedly that they’re dying. Canada is not half in love with easeful death; it is being murdered. The Liberals I understand; Canada’s carcass is their meat. (Emphasis added.)

Like carrion birds and scavengers, liberals feed on the dying and the dead. Dead carcasses and the dying are their meat. Liberalism is the death instinct, the death principle, θάνατος. Liberalism is death.

(When Kevin Michael Grace “has his groove on” nobody beats him as a political commentator. Nobody.)

Long live free Flanders!


Glad you liked that. What’s that Greek word, in Latin alphabet?

“Thanatos” (death).

Rem tene, verba sequentur.

Rem tene, verba sequentur.


Thanks, Jim. Will, the reason I put Thanatos in Greek letters was to highlight it as a formal concept: there is a literary and psychoanalytic concept of the death wish, or death principle, which is sometimes called by its Greek name, Thanatos, discussed in the psych literature, and this of course spills over into literary criticism and other literature. Wikipedia mentions the psychoanalytic principle briefly here, here, and here. Its representation in great literature of course precedes psychoanalysis, of which two well-known examples are from Keats and Spenser, mentioned below. Many commentators have discussed the metaphor of modern liberalism as death wish. What struck me about the Kevin Michael Grace excerpt was the skillful way in which he wove the notion of liberalism as feeding on dead carcasses (dying and dead carcasses of societies and nations) together with one of the best known expressions in English literature of the death wish, the wish for oblivion, for non-existence, John Keats’ poem, “Ode to a Nightingale” (linked in my comment above). Another passage in English literature which expresses the death wish is a famous one from Edmund Spensers’ The Faerie Queene, Book I, Canto IX, stanzas 38 - 47, whereof here are stanzas 38 - 40:

What franticke fit (quoth he) hath thus distraught
Thee, foolish man, so rash a doome to giue?
What iustice euer other iudgement taught,
But he should die, who merites not to liue?
None else to death this man despayring driue,
But his owne guiltie mind deseruing death.
Is then vniust to each his due to giue?
Or let him die, that loatheth liuing breath?
Or let him die at ease, that liueth here vneath?

Who trauels by the wearie wandring way,
To come vnto his wished home in haste,
And meetes a flood, that doth his passage stay,
Is not great grace to helpe him ouer past,
Or free his feet, that in the myre sticke fast?
Most enuious man, that grieues at neighbours good,
And fond, that ioyest in the woe thou hast,
Why wilt not let him passe, that long hath stood
Vpon the banke, yet wilt thy selfe not passe the flood?

He there does now enioy eternall rest
And happie ease, which thou doest want and craue,
And further from it daily wanderest:
What if some litle paine the passage haue,
That makes fraile flesh to feare the bitter waue?
Is not short paine well borne, that brings long ease,
And layes the soule to sleepe in quiet graue?
Sleepe after toyle, port after stormie seas,
Ease after warre, death after life does greatly please.

Long live free Flanders!


Thanks, Fred; I hadn’t been aware of that word and concept. Now I’ve learned!

What’s silly about this is the manner is which Harper’s ‘victory’ is being framed in the media and elsewhere. They’re speculating that SSM will go down in flames and Harper will toss his lot in with Bush’s global democracy-at-gunpoint crusade, etc.

It’s laughable, cosidering the Conservatives have, seat-wise, a pitifully small margin in between them and the opposition.