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Here I outline the basic principles that my blog stands for:…


Interesting looking blog; though I’m not myself Roman Catholic, I am a fan of Chesterton, and have some sympathies with agrarianism and subsidiarity.

BTW, I can’t remember - where is it you are from, and where do you live, Perun? I thought you were, like me, outside of the U.S., but I can’t remember. Just curious.

Believe it or not, but I am American. ;)

Sorry for my late reply, Ive been having difficulties logging in here.

No problem. BTW, liked and am generally in agreement with your post on your blog on ethnic churches; I, too, am part of a tradition that is dominated by one ethnic group (of which, mind you, I am not actually a member: I belong to a traditionalist Dutch Reformed federation, but I’m not of Dutch background), and appreciate how ethnic cohesiveness and maintanence of difference from the majority has helped maintain doctrinal purity - in fact, as an outsider, I seem to appreciate it more than many of those raised within that tradition, much to my dismay.

Im Eastern Catholic which is dominated by ethnic churches.