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Jelly Bean Americans

Dear Mr. Kalb and Fellow Readers,

This is inspired by one of Mr. Kalb’s articles. Hopefully, it will add realism to the predicament addressed in part of Mr. Kalb’s wide criticism of anti-racism, and to those unaware of the actual words found in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which says “freedom … of the people to assemble.”

Some learned PC scholars insist this is not a right to associate freely. Um, so the right is merely a right to assemble at random like a jelly bean in a jar? You can assemble as long as your color is not shared by those with whom you assemble? Learned people actually write PC chapters nominalizing this Constitutional language now that the so-called civil rights movement has waned, which causes other learned people to write responses. After all, if there were no freedom of association, evil Southerners could have shot black “freedom” marchers.

Insufficient cause for concern? Consider that under the anti-discrimination laws, claimants get two bites at the apple when the defendant is the deep pocket, the federal government. After an exhaustive administrative process, the government is left with the actual resources to appeal a small fraction of the awful judicial decisions. Moreover, the federal government is the only defendant that does not have a right to a trial by jury in discrimination suits should the administrative judge find in favor of the government.

Better yet, you can be a paralyzed Vietnam or Iraq veteran, but you do not get a right to a trial, or a second trial, or a trial by jury to determine whether your injuries are service-connected. Only the incompetent or belligerent black or white federal employee that can’t get along with his or her fellow employees gets such rights. No kidding. Veterans are mollified with the proposition that the VA is there for them. Yea, they are there to lose their records.