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Another little-known fact

According to Steve Sailer, Wite-out was invented by the mother of Michael Nesmith of the Monkees. (Is this the place to mention that F. A. Hayek was Ludwig Wittgenstein’s cousin? I’m not sure whether it was first cousin or what. And I once had a teacher who was some sort of cousin of Gertrude Stein and a college friend who was S. J. Perelman’s nephew and Goldie Hawn’s cousin.)



Loved Nesmith and want to read Wittgenstein’s student’s explanation of Ludwig’s dense ideas; but I can’t find a copy in print. Few understand Ludwig, as I am told, but his student did a good interpretation. Ludwig thought philosophers needed to be healed from a mental illness, philosophy. For example, the grand questions are not English sentences at all but gibberish. For example, is that cat on my desk real or unreal? What is an unreal cat? In any event, I thought I should start my study of philosophy with someone considered by many to be the preeminent 20th century philosopher and work backwards.

He was the student and published in the 1950’s. Anyone have a copy they want to sell?


As a high school boy, I lived next door to one of Einstein’s female cousins. She was a lonely old lady that my mother indulged because my mother is, well, a saint. Ms. E had a big picture of her cousin sitting in a boat. It was like living next door to Archimedes or Newton. Such a small world, as New Orleans is famous for.