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fellow Canadians: Gomery inquiry / inquest, Brault testimony, publication ban:

Here’s [url=]the Captain’s Quarters[/url], the American blog which the Gomery inquiry / inquest, and doubtless also the Liberal Canadian government, don’t want you to see.

Two relevant entries so far: [url=]here[/url] and [url=]here[/url].

Also several entries on the publication ban itself, and the potential threats against Canadian bloggers linking to or mentioning the Captain’s Quarters blog… (Of course, Turnabout is not my blog, and is headquartered in the U.S., so I’m not afraid of CSIS or the RCMP… And were something to happen, I’d welcome the chance to expose the tyranny of the modern Canadian State! Just try to ban publication of that!)

Fellow Canadians, and friends of Canadians - pass it on to all your Canadian friends - let’s make a mockery of this totalitarian assault on freedom of the press and freedom of speech! (Not to mention the Liberals wanting to save their own hide… The irony is, if it weren’t for the publication ban, most people wouldn’t be curious about what’s being banned. If it weren’t banned, most people pay little attention. Tell people “don’t”, and immediately they’re curious… Police saying “nothing to see here, folks” at a crime scene always means there IS something to see, just that they don’t WANT you to see it… Pray that our rulers never learn…)

Down with the unenforceable, unrealistic, totalitarian publication ban!


… insane, isn’t it?

Pass it on even to your fellow Americans; the farther this sort of knowledge spreads, the more Canadians will be exposed to it, and the more useless the publication ban will be, and maybe our rulers will end their tyrannical ban.

Gomery Brault testimony publication ban

… stay tuned - if interested, check out the Canadian media…

(of course, the Tories will only campaign on Liberal corruption, and not on traditionalist conservative principles, since most of them don’t hold them, and the ones who do are useful idiots…)