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Acceptance of mainstream radicalism weakening

I had sensed something like this, so it's interesting to see such decisive confirmation: New Survey Shows Religious Americans More Inclined to Stand Their Ground. It seems that people today are more likely to say politicians should stand by their principles on "cultural" issues. The change among church-goers since 2000 has been quite substantial, 15-20 percentage points on some issues.

It appears that between the increasing aggressiveness of the radical-secularist cultural Left, and the final collapse of the background Protestantism that once defined American public life and made it seem automatically virtuous to many people, going along with whatever comes down has come to seem less appealing. The pollsters angle the results as a rather worrisome reduction in willingness to compromise on the part of the religious. I'm not sure that makes sense. Where was the willingness to compromise in Roe v. Wade or the Massachusetts "gay marriage" decision? It's also not clear to me why this stuff is specifically religious, since to my mind it all has to do with a rational understanding of what human beings are and how they can best live together. That's another discussion, though.