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New angles on Anglicanism

This stuff deserves an entry of its own. Here’s the latest story in the saga of New Age liturgies among the Episcopalians. I’ll try to move the comments here.


These people disagreed with the Pope on a host of issues, but they admired him as a man, and are now showing their affection and admiration in the hour of his death.” Whaaaaaa. Evidently, people are now compartmentalized, and separated into pieces, and those pieces we don’t like are repressed or ignored, and no connection is made between the goodness of a man and the quality of his beliefs and convictions, as if beliefs and convictions were ephemeral concoctions with no relation to character.

Well there was much I disagreed with the Pope as well on theological matters. Although my beef was that the Pope wasnt traditionalist enough and reeling in the Liberals with more force. The Society of Pius X gave a good and fair assessment of the man that reflects my own feelings towards him.

But overall I agree with you. The mourning of the Liberals is basically a huge farce. I heard this morning that Bill Clinton will attend the Pope’s funeral. What a terrible joke!

… about the liberal media’s navel gazing in their coverage of the aftermath of the Pope’s passing,…. here.

Will, I saw that post also. I also saw some of Amanpour’s coverage on CNN, or at least as much as I could bear (she is generally more than any adult should be asked to bear).

Liberals are constitutionally incapable of seeing anything outside their bubble. Their senses and their minds are on autopilot; confronted with contrary evidence, they recite by rote their liberal tripe.

Amanpour was hardly the only media-type who expressed these sentiments; they were ubiquitous. Truly amazing. I’m reminded of Groucho’s question: Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

Please Perun no let`s to be lured by Orthodox propagandists,preying on American’s ignorance,Orthodoy is a mess,reads posts on it here,use search engine. And Platon,Aristotle,Marx are better influences than the people influencing Orthodoxy.

Theres no need for trolling here!

… let’s not feed the trolls, shall we? Though I haven’t always avoided doing so, I’m going to try to resist doing so henceforth; I think it’d be good if all of us did…

I’m putting up a virtual sign here, a plea, to and on behalf of all the regulars who like to engage in polite, productive exchange, healthy debates, and not unnecessary provocations, personal insults, vindictiveness, and/or lack of comprehension of the English language:


Thank you.

As gays Andrew Sullivan and Dennis Raimondo,free-massons George Beverly Grant and Sir John Anthony MacDonalds,cocaine addict John Taki Teodoracopoulos,Comunists Robert Mugabe-he forbides homosexuality-, and Hugo Chàvez-he forbides abortion-,etc. are praise-worthy when them makes right things,the Holy Bible tell us to give honour to everybody with merits to get it,every good thing is no autonomous -human in origin, it is from God,and because it MUST to be praised. And NOBODY is baptist only because be raised in a Baptist home,you can be a Baptist only exclusively trough a personal experience of Conversion. There are no any so experience registered in Britney’s life,and because it she NEVER has been a Baptist,and last but no least the Pastor from the church where she go every weekend,prays in a daily basis for salvation from her soul,are you making it too?.

Notice what I said in my original quote: “so much for her considering herself, in her own words, “a good Baptist girl”…” That phrase means, I don’t take seriously her claims to be a Bible-believing, justified, being-sanctified, Baptist… (The phrase “So much for…” is a sarcastic colloquialism we English-speakers employ, to mean that we no longer accept the previous claims that the subject in question made about something they were doing or not doing, due to their now quite visibly not adhering any more to the standard they claimed previously. For example, if an alcoholic said he was quitting drinking, yet we saw him the next night at the bar consuming alcohol, we’d say, “So much for him quitting drinking!”)

For once we are agreed - my point is exactly that - she doesn’t seem like a practising Baptist; if she were, she wouldn’t act like that… (I’m criticizing HER for not living up to the standards of the tradition she claims to belong to; I’m NOT criticizing the Baptist tradition…)

Rest assured,I was understanding your post,I was only clarifying Baptist doctrine. And I understand “So much” phrase too,some days ago I used it in an e-mail to my sister,criticizing zero tolerance policy,but she reacted against it,because she is a teacher and supportive of it!…

When Britney was a virgin,many years ago she was praise-worthy because as an artist it is near impossible to stand decent. She get married! later. And rumors on Justin Timberlake and she was denied by the man himself,but remember it catholic Madonna in 93 made a song “Papa don`t preach” AGAINST abortion and get because it praises from clergymen and prolife groups;although her career has been everytimes very corrupted. Catholic and darling from right-wing in Florida Gloria Estefan made a video with transvestites,but nowithstanding was invited by POPE himself to sing in a mass in Vatican City. In another order of ideas, Sexual sins are soft thing for Anglicans,remember perversed Elizabeth Windsor is her leader;and because clergymen in the article are from England,I imagine they no know everything on Britney’s life;and last but no least there are no saints or canonization in Anglicanism,although some parrish pray letanies to Catholic saints.

Please visit her homepage,note jewish entrance,reads it here: