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On to Thanksgiving!

We’ve seen a largely successful attempt at public abolition of Christmas. This may be a first sighting of a similar campaign for Thankgiving: from “Clifford’s Puppy Days,” a PBS children’s program, their latest episode Fall Feast:

“It’s the Fall Feast holiday, and the Howards are planning to visit Emily Elizabeth’s grandparents. But a snowstorm leaves them snowed in at the train station, along with many of their friends and neighbors. Everyone’s spirits are low, but Clifford helps Emily Elizabeth realize that the group can celebrate the Fall Feast together and rejoice in its spirit of sharing.”

Nothing like the heartwarming spirit of Fall Feast!



See here.

Nevertheless, today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and so to all my fellow Canadian traditionalist conservative Christians, a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Years ago, when National Review was edited by John O’Sullivan, NR held a yearly contest for best example of PC efforts to expunge Christmas from our public speech. This practice has been continued at Peter Brimelow’s website, Now the opportunity presents itself for another contest.


I found your site while searching for this thing called Fall Feast on Blue’s Clues. At about the same time I found this page, my wife told me about the… Clifford’s Puppy Days episode. And yet, while I see plenty of sites that talk about menus and activities for Fall Feast, I have yet to find a site that explains why we are moving away from Thanksgiving. Oh, don’t get me wrong—I recognize our PC culture at work in an effort to welcome those who don’t care about American history, but I want to see someone actually say it!