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Book notes: The Long Truce

I just finished reading The Long Truce: How Toleration Made the World Safe for Power and Profit, by A. J. Conyers. It’s a book-length treatment of a constant theme here at Turnabout, that “tolerance” as a principle—the demand that standards other than money, power and the like be treated as purely personal commitments of no public authority—doesn’t have much to do with actually being tolerant and is mostly just an aspect of the absolute state. He goes into a lot of the historical detail, he’s thought through the issues, and he writes well, so it’s a book worth reading.



Tolerance, Diversity, and Compassion: three much-abused words in the liberal lexicon. They encompass so many vague concepts that they are a useful way of obfuscating the truth and re-casting debate in terms of some kind of civil rights movement.

Tolerance : you must be quiet while selfish people broadcast their immorality through every media, fill children’s minds with filth, deconstruct the nuclear family, and use legal sleight-of-hand to legitimise perversion.

Diversity : you must sit down and do nothing while your nation and culture are changed overnight by teeming masses from the third world. All the wealth, education, and culture produced by centuries of peaceful Western democracy, should be handed over to parasitic invaders who have no altruistic intent, but great skill in leeching from welfare programs, outnumbering long-established subcultures, and voting more benefits to themselves.

Compassion : there is no such thing as sin any more. If a crime is committed, then ‘the system’ is to blame, and the criminal must be a victim of the ‘root cause’ of factors which drove him to ‘act out’ his victimhood. Thus society must treat criminals with great compassion, because we all share their guilt. As our great axiom of liberal secular humanism states, “All people are basically good”. Evil as a category does not exist. (forget about trivial things like victims rights, justice done & seen to be done, personal responsibility)

Three forgotten virtues in today’s society:
Poverty, Chastity, Obedience.

To me, the matter is as plain as day. These buzzwords are nothing more than propaganda weapons to be used to undermine, dissolve, and completely destroy any civilization based on ancient common sense, and particularly those societies having a Christian heritage (whether properly or improperly speaking), so that it may be refashioned according to a literally diabolical paradigm.

Big Brother’s “political correctness” is not only comprised of a pack of lies, it itself as a system is one big lie: it pretends to affirm certain concepts as positive ideals, i.e., things it stands for, when in naked truth, PC is nothing more than an amalgamation of anything and everything directly against truth in both the natural and supernatural orders. PC, and therefore the regime of Big Brother pushing it, is not about what it supposedly stands for, but is rather fundamentally defined by what it stands against!

Thanks denunzio, you nailed it. It is hard to articulate truth and identify the lies in the PC fog of doublespeak, obfuscation, and hidden motives.

You reminded me that I need to read my Bible and pray more than intellectual pursuits..! The battle is not against mere flesh and blood. The souls of our nations and neighbours are at stake.