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Away for a few days

I don’t expect to have reliable web access for the next few days (probably until Tuesday) and so may not post at all. Remember, though, that any registered user can start a new forum topic!



I just stumbled across a Harvard “University” site where everyone can find out how much he “hates,” by taking a test, one apparently endorsed by Morris Dees and the “Southern Poverty Law Center,” so you just KNOW it reliably ferrets out the “haters”: .

To see how idiotic and how pathologically obsessed with certain topics this testing battery is, you’ve got to check it out and—if you’ve time to waste—take a few of the individual tests. The titles list reads like “Political Correctness 101.” I mean—to think Harvard used to actually be a top university! That it’s come finally, after a truly illustrious history, to the likes of this testing battery is nothing short of mind-boggling.