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Schiavo link

In the left-hand column I’ve added a feed for Blogsfor, a sort of clearing house for people concerned about Terri Schiavo. From videos it appears she’s not in a “persistent vegetative state” as defined by Florida law. The local courts have been ruling she has to go, though, with the support of the ACLU and the New York Times and the acquiescence of her bishop. Unless something happens soon they’ll be removing the feeding tube, and she’ll die of hunger and thirst.

Why do things like this happen? Nat Hentoff thinks a lot of it is refusal on the part of the media to look at what’s happening and report it accurately. It seems to me that’s right, and the reason is that current law tries to insist that everything is either a private taste or something that can be handled adequately by either contract or a bureaucratic administrator. As a result, it can’t handle the most basic issues—life, death, sex, religion and so on. Liberals have to pretend there are no problems in connection with those things, everything can be taken care of in a rational efficient mechanical way, and the only problem is that there are weird people with obsessions who have to be laughed off and ignored. All the handwringing about “complex and difficult issues” serves no function other than to eliminate the possibility of public discussion and bring about a simple rationalized process that puts everything in the hands of someone who decides as he chooses.

Let’s hope the internet makes it ever easier to poke holes in the media iron curtain. Better, let’s help make that happen. Sign the petition posted in the forum or do something else to support Mrs. Schiavo.